Clara Zornado
b. 1995, Middletown, CT

Clara is a musician, writer, facilitator of trust, and lover of horses. They perform original music as Lady Queen Paradise, but also enjoy making music with their friends and colleagues. They are based in the Pacific Northwest and have toured extensively, performing their music in many living rooms, bars, basements, stages, and greenhouses across the country.

Clara is devoted to creating space for extraordinary acts of metamorphosis, withdrawing from the world and expanding into the universe as needed. They are comfortable floating in and out of the public-facing role of performer and into quieter, more private states of being to experience embodied revelation. This shapeshifting feels right because there is a relationship between all things. Their music is not separate from their work with horses, much like how the tree by the river is not separate from the river.


Inner Connection (2022), released on Dollhouse Lightning

Diary (2021), self-release

You Are Everything (2019), unreleased

split with Alyssa Kai (2016), self-release

voice memo love songs (2015), self-release

Vocal features on Standing Out in the Grass (2022) by Joan Kelsey 

Vocal features on Driver (2021) by Adult Mom

Vocal features on Overjoyed in This World (2020) and Force Femmed (2017) by Space Camp

Guitar and vocal features on Mortificator (2018) by Wet Mut

Vocal features on Nightlight (2017) by Wet Mut


Baby Starlight movement practice (ongoing)

I am all of the same people (2020)

I am not a different person (2020)


Figure Modeling (2022), as hosted by RISD

The Plague Bearer (2022), an opera by Stefanie Lubowski and Aiden Feltklamp

How To Ripen a Peach (2018), a song-cycle by June Violet Aino

Lady Queen Paradise tours (2015-2020)

Wedding Photographer (2013-2015)


We Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics (2020), Nightboat Books

Visual Poetry Episode 7: Clara (2016) by Anna Mackenzie

I Am Here (2014), published on Craigslist

Mongrel (2014), a zine

Pocketbooks series (2014)


Horse School Training Program, ongoing

JX Farms Residency (2022)

CTRI Innovations Residency (2018)

Public school system (2009-2018)

Unschooling (1995-2009, 2018-present)