Founded by Clara Zornado, the Public Universal Fantasy residency program offers affordable and accessible guided exploration to every applicant. It is a program for people of all practices to invigorate and legitimize their ideas through enhanced, relational inquiry. There is no promise of wi-fi or meals or housing, as the shape of the residency largely depends on the resident and their needs. Small travel grants may be available for traveling residents.

Clara has zero credentials, save for the many they do have. They are a graduate of some school, and also make no claims to have been "educated" in their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply? Is there a fee?
Currently there is no fee to apply or attend any of the residency programs at Public Universal Fantasy.

Can you help me with the application process?
Unfortunately we cannot assist potential residents with their applications. However, if you need a letter of participation to excuse you from any other activities so as to work more diligently on your application, we are happy to supply it.

What kind of experience can I expect?
We find that the best way to make friends with your expectations is to eliminate them entirely. You are also welcome to peruse our list of past residents and review their residency accomplishments.

What should I bring?
Since each residency is different, some people may not even find themselves "going anywhere" at all. At times, a cell phone is recommended, as we have found that the satisfaction of turning one's cell phone off is a superbly effective ritual to begin periods of undivided focus.

May I smoke/drink?
You are welcome to smoke outdoors, as long as you are respecting whatever property you find yourself on and disposing of waste accordingly. Certain residents might find themselves encouraged to engage in substances, others may find themselves simply repulsed by the idea. Unfortunately alcohol is not permitted at the residency.

As of January 2024, applications are almost open.
Please call 206-485-7007 with any questions.