Date: 7/26/21
Time: 11:53AM

No unnecessary overtures, no surrendering to nadirs

Date: 7/25/21
Time: 9:06PM

Time to defang my fears

Date: 7/24/21
Time: 10:14PM

I remove my need to highlight my shortcomings
I remove my need to carry the unspoken pain of others without their consent
I remove my need to be guided by my defects
I remove my need to bury harm
I remove my need to manipulate the direction of my life

Date: 7/21/21
Time: 8:30PM

The shelters of devotion I've made... the more natural they feel, the softer my relationship to their roots become. Such is the nature of recovery? Lamenting, building, lamenting, building, living, living, living. In inarticulable pain. The light keeps forcing me back to my childhood. Wrapping my arms around myself to forgive